About The Band

It's a very short list of bands you can see who bring a powerhouse rhythm section plus vocals, The DeLuxe Horns, keyboards, and TWO great Blues Hall of Fame singers. Right now, that list is Joe Zook & Blues DeLuxe.

Joe Zook, guitar + vocals

Blues fan, singer, guitarist, and band leader, Joe Zook has been playing the best Blues around since we were all youngsters.

Whether you see Joe solo, or Joe in acoustic duos with the great, great partners who join him—or of course with the Blues DeLuxe Trio, the Quartet, or the full-on Deluxe Version, complete with a monster horn section—you have got to see this show live!

Billy Holt, bass + vocals

Billy "Blues Boy" Holt has been part of the Blues DeLuxe experience for many, many moons, singing and playing for live shows, festivals, and benefits like nobody else.

A dedicated, in-demand player, Billy has fans all over the music business!

Steve Kaplan, saxes + clarinet

"Barry Sacks" is an educator, writer, builder of horn charts and lines, and a tenor sax, baritone sax,  clarinet, and alto sax player who contributes immeasurably to that "big horn section" sound of The DeLuxe Horns.

An experienced member of big bands, blues bands, and everything in between, Steve's years of playing and recording with other great players makes all the difference once The Horns start rocking.

Bob "Mose" Marsley, Drums

Usually referred to as "Mose" is an experienced sought-after drummer, and percussionist.

One of the original members of "Blues Deluxe".

Mose has returned to the band bringing his take on blues drumming.

Don Ober, Keyboards

Don Ober has been around keyboards for 40+ years.  He always loved music and played his first gig in the sixth grade.

He studied Jazz from Joe Federico and classical piano from Mike Humaney. He met Joe Zook while tuning the piano at the school where Joe taught music, and Joe drafted him to join Blues DeLuxe.

Don said he considers this opportunity to play with Joe a great honor.

Dom DeFranco, Saxophone

Dom is a professional sax player who has played with many top name musicians and in bands over the years. This music pro is known as a seasoned musician who can play the blues as it is meant to be played. His specialties are Jazz and The Blues.

Dom's also an experience recording artist who also has TV appearances on his resume. He's played in big bands as well as small groups, and is a great addition to the DeLuxe Horns whenever they play.


Trenton & Hamilton, NJ

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