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It's a very short list of bands you can see who bring a powerhouse rhythm section, The DeLuxe Horns, keyboards, blues harp, and TWO great Hall of Fame singers. Right now, that list is Joe Zook & Blues DeLuxe. Tired of more blues? How about some DeLuxe Blues?

Joe Zook, guitar + vocals

Blues fan, singer, guitarist, and band leader, Joe Zook has been playing the best Blues around since we were all youngsters.

Whether you see Joe solo, or Joe in acoustic duos with the great, great partners who join him—or of course with the Blues DeLuxe Trio, the Quartet, or the full-on Deluxe Version, complete with a monster horn section—you have got to see this show live!

Billy Holt, bass + vocals

Billy "Blues Boy" Holt has been part of the Blues DeLuxe experience for many, many moons, singing and playing for live shows, festivals, and benefits like nobody else.
A dedicated, in-demand player, Billy has fans all over the music business!

Jeff Snelson, drums

"Snuffy" is a big part of the difference between really slow rock and roll and The Blues. A killer drummer who can swing with the best T Bone shuffle you ever heard, Jeff joins Billy Holt as the drivers of the incredible Blues Deluxe rhythm section.

James Cheadle, keyboards

James is a supremely talented player whose piano work our reviewers have called "simply jawdropping", He's is a recording studio owner, teacher, and also a member of his family band supporting his daughter, Laura Cheadle, a popular and growing entertainer in her own right.

James' playing on Blues DeLuxe recordings has made him part of the band's signature sound...and you should come see what he does LIVE with Joe and the boys!

Di Braccio, alto sax

Angelo has been playing with Joe for decades, and is a first-call professional musician for studio and live performances.

From performing with Roberta Flack in the early part of his career to playing with Jersey blues bands led by  Joe Zook, TJ Nix, and Paul Plumeri, Angelo just has THAT horn sound that makes you look forward to the sax solo, every time.

Steve Kaplan, saxes + clarinet

"Barry Sacks" is an educator, writer, builder of horn charts and lines, and a tenor sax, baritone sax,  clarinet, and alto sax player who contributes immeasurably to that "big horn section" sound of The DeLuxe Horns.

An experienced member of big bands, blues bands, and everything in between, Steve's years of playing and recording with other great players makes all the difference once The Horns start rocking.

John Sopko, keys

John is a solid rock of a player, who has contributed just the right sounds at just the right time on keyboards.

Johns specialty, besides being a great individual player, is in working with the other members, whether it's Billy and Jeff on rhythm, or with The Horns.

We look forward to the rare times we can have both keyboard players, John and James, on stage together!

Tony Buford, harmonica

Bufe has known Joe, Billy, Jeff, and Ange for decades, being part of what Joe dubbed "The DeLuxe Version" of Blues Deluxe from clubs to festivals to the studio.

A professional designer, teacher, and creator for the band (from the original Blues DeLuxe logo to this web site, photography, the new band logo and CD and poster designs), Tony's always happy for the opportunity to join the boys live.
(Photo by Kevin Mulryne Photography)


Trenton & Hamilton, NJ

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